Paint Scratch Removal & Repair

No matter how hard we try to protect our cars from damage, some things are simply inevitable. Scratches and scrapes to your car’s exterior can occur at virtually any time and from anything. From minor scratches that barely scrape the surface to deep scratches that expose bare metal, these blemishes on your car can be very unsightly and drive down the resale value of your vehicle by quite a bit. Not only that, but if left untreated, car scratches can lead to further issues such as rust that will require more extensive repairs later on.

Fortunately, the skilled paint scratch repair technicians at Colors on Parade can help. When you request our services, we’ll come directly to your location and take care of the problem on-site. Not only will we address the immediate problem by repairing your car scratches, but we’ll also help you avoid the need for any future repairs that may come with leaving it untreated, saving you hassle and money later on.

Auto Body Paint Scratch Repair

There’s no need to take your car into an auto body shop just to cover a simple scrape. And sometimes buying scratch remover and a microfiber cloth or buffing pad from an auto parts store just isn’t enough to do the trick. If only there were professionals who could help that had the necessary tools and equipment to repair surface scratches without charging an arm and a leg to do it…

Oh, wait – there is! Here at Colors on Parade, we have all the skills and experience of a traditional body shop technician with none of the expenses that typically come with it. From small scratches to moderately deep scratches to even seriously deep scratches, the experts at Colors on Parade have what it takes to eliminate those pesky blemishes once and for all.

EcoSMART Paint Scratch Repair

At Colors on Parade, our technicians are trained to use the EcoSMART System for all repairs. This means we utilize advanced Small to Medium Area Repair Technology that is economically sound and focuses solely on the scratched area without the need for repairing or replacing entire panels. With our SMART techniques, we’re able to remove scratches in a quicker, more cost-effective manner than your traditional body shop. That means you get high-quality repairs at a fraction of the cost and with the least environmental impact possible. You really can’t beat that!

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How We Fix Paint Scratches

When it comes to your car’s scratches, you know that it’s not quite enough to take into the body shop, so what do you do? You may purchase a scratch repair kit or touch-up paint from your local auto parts store, but we’re sure you’ll find that a touch-up kit won’t do much for your car’s surface besides leave behind patchy, uneven finishes that aren’t quite a permanent fix. You may also try to apply rubbing compound to a deep paint scratch, but sometimes even this isn’t enough to polish out that scratch and may just leave you with spots of paint removal.

We may be bias, but we’d say your best bet is to call our team at Colors on Parade before you take on any DIY paint job or scratch repair projects. Our certified technicians have the necessary tools and equipment to fix a variety of scratch damage, from a superficial clear coat scratch to a deep scratch exposing bare metal.

We’ll start by cleaning the surface area surrounding the scratch so we can really assess the damage and determine what our next move is. Then, we’ll mask off the surrounding area. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may incorporate sanding, wet sanding, buffing, and/or filling to fix deep scratches. Next, we’ll use our advanced color-matching technology to achieve a perfect match to your car paint. After applying a layer of primer, we’ll apply a very thin layer of paint over the damaged area, and a few more coats, if necessary. Once the spot blends seamlessly with the surrounding paint, we’ll apply a final clear coat layer. And voila! Just like that, your car’s scratch is untraceable.

Paint Scratch Repair for Dealerships

There is nothing worse than scratching a new car, especially if your job is to sell that car. That’s why we work not only with individual car owners and fleets, but also with car dealerships to repair car scratches and maintain the vehicle’s inherent value. If a new vehicle has been scratched on the lot, or if you’re selling used vehicles and want to increase their value, call the team at Colors on Parade of Louisiana and we’ll be happy to come straight to your dealership to fix the problem.

Paint Scratch Car Body Repair Near Me

At Colors on Parade, we tailor our services for your convenience. We are prepared to go the extra mile – literally – to make sure your schedule remains uninterrupted while you receive the help you need. We provide a range of services, from paint scratch repair to fixing a dented car bumper to headlight restoration and more! Whatever your small to medium-sized auto body repair needs, the experts at Colors on Parade of Louisiana can help.

No need to bring your car to a shop; we’ll meet you at your location! Whether you’re at home, work, or anywhere in between, our mobile auto repair company is prepared to bring our services directly to you. We service customers across North Louisiana, including the following parishes of Caddo, De Soto, Bossier, Lincoln, Webster, Bienville, Ouachita, Claiborne, and more.

To talk to one our our experienced service technicians, contact Colors on Parade of Louisiana by calling 318-455-8141 today. We can answer any paint scratch repair questions you may have, provide a pricing estimate, or schedule an appointment to come out and repair your vehicle as soon as possible.

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Eco Conscious Repair Methods

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