Headlight Restoration & Repair

Do you feel like it’s hard to see at night because your headlights aren’t bright enough? Does the front of your headlights look foggy or blurry? It might look like the issue is on the inside but most of the time it’s not. Colors on Parade can help you see better on the road today. We offer mobile, on-site, at home, or office services.

How Headlight Restoration Is Done

Colors on Parade of Louisiana doesn’t use a generic repair kit from an auto supply store. We have a proprietary multi-step sanding, compounding, polishing, and protection process, fully restoring your headlights and your visibility. The average time it takes is one to two hours. If the condition is severe, it could take longer.

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Why Is Headlight Restoration Needed?

Maintaining headlight visibility is an important part of being a car owner. Not only does it limit a driver’s ability to see but also limits others’ ability to potentially see you. Oxidation is the culprit. Exposing your vehicle to extreme heat and sun, common in Louisiana, can speed up the deterioration process of headlights. The clear coat on headlights simply doesn’t last as long as what is on your paint. This leads to a yellow or foggy appearance. The Colors on Parade process will bring them back to a like-new condition. The typical cost is roughly the same as one family dinner at an average restaurant but headlight restoration helps to ensure your family arrives home safely.

How Long Does Headlight Restoration Last?

The general restoration process will last you roughly six months before you see the oxidation process begin again; however, it will not be severe enough to need restoration again for some time. We recommend using a quality polish to maintain the finish of your restoration.

Find Headlight Repair or Restoration Near Me

If you have scratched, foggy, or even discolored headlights, give the team at Colors On Parade of Louisiana a call at 318-455-8141 to schedule an appointment. Our mobile service technicians will come to you to make the experience easy, affordable and quick to get you safely back on the road.

Eco Conscious Repair Methods

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