Bumper Repair

Colors on Parade of Louisiana believes you should always be able to enjoy the ride… of life and in your car! Accidents happen, rather than wasting money on a new bumper or driving around not feeling your ultimate best, call the bumper technicians at Colors on Parade.

There are numerous reasons to need a bumper repair. A scratch, scuff, or dent can put a damper on not only your car’s appearance but also the value of your vehicle. The Colors on Parade technicians can restore your bumper to like-new condition using S.M.A.R.T repair techniques. This allows us to not only restore your bumper but to do it fast, convenient for your time and location, and affordably. Most repairs cost less than the average insurance deductible and there’s no reporting to your Carfax report. Colors on Parade has all the tools needed to bring the repairs to you. We are mobile and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, convenience, and affordability. Don’t make that claim! Call Colors on Parade today.

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Bumper Repair On Your Schedule

The Colors on Parade team knows that you have a life to live and a schedule to keep. That’s why we bring the repairs to you at home or at your place of business. It has never been easier to get your vehicle repaired. Our mobile bumper repair services are scheduled at a time and location convenient to you. Request a free estimate by calling Chris Hall at 318-455-8141.

Bumper Health Is Important

By design and definition, bumpers are entirely intended to absorb impact and are usually attached to the front and back of your vehicle. They are shock and impact absorbers designed to aid in protecting not only your car but the passengers. It’s important to get a damaged bumper repaired, specifically one that has lost form from a dent or greater damage. A dented or cracked bumper can affect the integrity, leaving it open to weak areas or even rust – further degrading the integrity of your vehicle. Don’t worry, Colors on Parade of Louisiana has you covered. Our mobile bumper repair technician will come to you and get you safely on the road in no time.

How We Do It

A dented bumper doesn’t always need paintwork. Sometimes it’s possible to remove or repair a dent with the proper tools and techniques applied by our certified dent removal technicians. When scratches, scrapes or broken paint around or near a dent in the bumper is present, your Colors on Parade of Louisiana technician is prepared to provide you with quality paint repairs while on site. Our S.M.A.R.T repair process, not only repairs your dented bumper but will seamlessly blend paint repairs making any damage no longer visible. Colors On Parade technicians are paint experts. In order to accurately blend the paint during your repair, our technicians use specialized equipment designed to capture your vehicle’s original color code. We know that time and environmental factors can affect your car’s paint over time so the Colors On Parade technicians combine the original color code with expert, by hand, color modification techniques to ensure your repaired paint is invisible when completed.

Bumper Repair Cost

Bumper repair and other paint repairs with Colors on Parade of Louisiana can be completed at a fraction of the cost typically associated with an insurance claim and traditional autobody work. Body shops are trained in more collision and widespread damage repair, resulting in insurance claims, higher costs, and a reduction in your car’s value due to the claim and Carfax report. While there is certainly a time when only a collision center or body shop can complete the work, for your minor scratches, dents, cracks, and scuffs, call the Colors on Parade team today and save yourself time, money, and frustration. An estimate for your bumper repair cost is free, call Chris Hall at 318-455-8141 today.

Can I Repair or Should I Replace My Bumper?

Damage to a bumper like broken hooks, fasteners, or attachment systems will mean you need to replace your bumper. If you’ve been involved in an actual collision, the damage will likely cause other issues to your vehicle if not replaced. If the integrity of your vehicle’s structure has been affected, you will want to contact a full-service autobody shop. If you’re not sure, you can always contact one of the Colors on Parade technicians to help guide you in the right direction.

Why Colors On Parade?

Colors on Parade is a 30-year-old autobody restoration company that has been working with auto dealers for decades. As a company, we adhere to strict standards to provide the best quality work in the industry. We are pioneers in the automotive appearance technology field and are experts in duplicating a vehicle’s original paint. Colors on Parade of Louisiana is the first in our area to specifically and intentionally offer what has been known as a commercial automotive service, reserved for dealerships, to the public.

Colors on Parade founder, Rob Lowery, has seven patents related to auto appearance restoration technology. We are dedicated to constant improvement and repair methods.

Make an Appointment With Colors on Parade For All Mobile Auto Body Repair Needs

At Colors on Parade, we take pride in our affordable vehicle repair services. Once you make an appointment with us, our technicians can repair bumpers, fenders, doors, scratches, dents, headlights, and even touch up your car’s paint job with our mobile equipment. The best part is that all of this quality repairing can be done for a fraction of the price compared to traditional body shops! Call us today at 318-455-8141 for an excellent job every time.

Eco Conscious Repair Methods

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