Dent Removal & Repair

Dents happen! That tiny bump into the trash can or that “love tap” that happened in the local drive-through to get morning coffee. Colors on Parade of Louisiana is here to help. At some point in the life of being a driver, you’ll need some kind of dent repair.

The Colors on Parade of Louisiana technicians are highly trained on minor dent removal. We have fully equipped mobile trailers prepared and ready to meet you where you are located to get your vehicle looking new again. Car dings, round dents, and even deep, pressed-in bumpers can be repaired by our qualified technicians. From the bumper to the hood, no matter the location of the dent, we can get you good as new in no time, on your site, on your schedule.

SMART Dent Removal

Car dents often show up with scratches or other damage to the auto body paint. Should you also have a paint repair need due to a dent or other damage to your vehicle, the Colors on Parade of Louisiana technicians are ready. SMART Repair, also known as Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, is what makes Colors on Parade of Louisiana unique. We use special dent repair tools to help return your car to pristine condition, smoothing out the finishes and gently pushing dents into their original position. Many store-bought dent pulling systems cause more damage and car owners have been left with more damage than when they started.

Mobile Bumper Repair

Commonly Asked Questions About Dent Repair

Colors on Parade can repair a wide variety of dents. We fix dents from that unexpected pole or even door dings from other vehicles. We do not provide full-body paintless dent removal due to hail at this time but we will be adding PDR in Summer 2022.

There are a couple of considerations when it comes to calculating a repair time. If a dent is shallow and it has not disrupted the integrity of your car’s paint, then it’s faster than a deeper dent with damaged paint. If the paint has been damaged or scratched, we may need to use the Colors on Parade SMART Technology to fully repair your vehicle which can take slightly longer. However; Colors on Parade has you covered and the full job typically takes no longer than a few hours to finish.

Assuming that your work parking lot has enough space for the truck and trailer, yes! The Colors on Parade Technicians are mobile and can come to your work or home to repair your vehicle.

Yes, Colors on Parade is a professional “Recon” provider to not only car owners but to dealerships. Our technicians are trained to provide professional quality auto body work on site. This is the same service that dealers use to recondition leased vehicles when you turn them in as well. Having Colors on Parade assess your leased vehicle before you turn it in can save you any unexpected fees.

Sure, some store-bought kits or tools can do the job but may not be able to completely pull or remove a dent and it can be hard for the untrained eye to get the work to a perfect finish, and ultimately, many good intentioned DIY people do more damage than good. Don’t take that risk. Let the professionals at Colors On Parade help you.

The price of a dent repair will be dependent on the location, size, and extent of the dented area. We try to be affordable as possible and with SMART Technology as our hub methodology, you can rest assured that your repair will be not only affordable but will retain the value of your vehicle by not listing a Carfax ding and no increase in premiums with an insurance claim.

Scratch & Dent Removal Near Me

Life is full of surprises! Sometimes it comes in the form of a stray golfball, another car, a child on a tricycle or a shopping cart. We get it, and we fix it at Colors on Parade of Louisiana. For the best car dent repair and dent removal, call Chris Hall at 318-455-8141 today and we’ll come to you and have you looking good-as-new in no time.

Eco Conscious Repair Methods

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