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Types of Car Wheel Damage

types of alloy wheel damage

It happens to the best of us: you’re making an abrupt turn and you accidentally hit a curb in the process. Later you get out, check out the damage, and see a bent wheel rim or curb scuffs left behind. Scuffed alloys or wheels that are bent out of shape can be a real eyesore, and its important that you see about repairing these damages as soon as possible. Even the most seemingly minor wheel damage often requires wheel repair, not only for aesthetic reasons, but to ensure your continued safety while driving. 

Fortunately for you, the mobile technicians at Colors on Parade of Louisiana provide superior alloy wheel repair and can meet you wherever you’re at to fix your wheel damage. Our goal is to save money and time for all our customers, so you can rest easy knowing your repair cost won’t be through the roof or take days to complete. For more information on how we can meet your car repair needs, call 318-455-8141 today.

What are Car Wheels Made Out Of?

Most modern car wheels are made out of the same material: cast aluminum alloy. Basically, this means that car wheels are made by pouring scorching hot aluminum into a wheel mold. Some car wheels are made out of steel, but this material is much heavier than alloy, which can greatly affect many cars’ speed, gas mileage, and overall cost. 

The biggest disadvantage when it comes to alloy wheels, however, is that they’re not the most durable material. In other words, it’s easy to dent, scuff, crack, or bend alloy wheels. As a result, damaged alloy wheels are very common. 

what are car wheels made out of

Common Types of Car Wheel Damage 

Because alloy wheels are lacking in the durability department, there are many ways in which they might experience damage. The type of damage to your wheel will determine the best approach for how to repair it. 

Bent or Dented Alloy Rim

Possibly the most common type of alloy wheel damage is a dented or bent wheel. This type of damage can happen by hitting potholes, curbs, road debris, you name it. Structural damage like this can be very dangerous for you and your car. For example, a damaged wheel can cause your tires to gradually leak air as you drive down the road. This issue can later lead to a flat tire or a completely blown-out tire when you least expect it.

On top of the obvious dangers of a bent wheel rim, your car will likely suffer other damages as it drives on an imperfectly round wheel. When you do this for too long, you’re risking damage to your car’s suspension system, steering, wheel bearing, and more. 

So, if you notice that you have bent wheels after hitting a deep pothole or a curb, make sure to get expert advice and repair services from the professionals at Colors on Parade.

Cracked Wheels

Road debris is the most common culprit of alloy rim cracking while you’re driving. Cracked rims may look harmless, but can also be incredibly dangerous if not repaired or replaced. Similarly to bent alloy wheels, cracked wheels can lead to a blowout while you’re driving and potentially cause further car troubles or an accident. 

Curb Rash

Curb rash typically occurs when you parallel park, scrape a curb while turning, or drive with a flat tire. Scratches and scuffs like this are generally considered superficial damage – or cosmetic damage – to alloy wheels. In other words, curb rash isn’t necessarily dangerous. But if you wait too long for repairs, the metal will begin to rust. 


Alloy wheel corrosion is most commonly caused by brake dust, various chemicals, and tire sealants either from the road or your own vehicle. Cars with a severe case of corroded rims can suffer low tire pressure and flat tires due to friction. The good news is that the repair process is pretty simple. Your Colors on Parade technician will sand and clean the rim as needed. Then they will perform a paint touch up by applying a prime coat, a clear coat, and finally, the wheel’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) silver paint color.


Wheel gouges are often caused by road debris, potholes, and curbs. A severe gouge may greatly affect driver safety and require a new wheel replacement. In some cases, however, it’s possible to save the wheel. Our professionals at Colors on Parade may be able to repair gouged alloy wheels with a CNC machine or welding.

alloy wheel repair

How Do I Know if I Need Immediate Alloy Wheel Repair?

Let’s face it, any type of vehicle repair can be stressful and often pricey. So it’s beneficial to know what kind of wheel damage needs immediate repair, and what kind doesn’t.

Cosmetic damage includes things like scuffs, scratches, and curb rash. Cosmetic issues don’t require immediate alloy wheel refurbishment. But when you do get around to these types of repairs, they’re generally quick, easy, and affordable, especially if you choose Colors on Parade to get the job done.

Meanwhile, damage to the structural integrity of your wheel is generally repairable but requires immediate attention for the sake of safety. Structural wheel damage refers to bent, dented, or cracked wheels. Damaged alloy wheels like this can be incredibly dangerous while you’re driving. In order to fix the damaged area, our technicians may reshape, weld, straighten or heat the wheel. In some cases, however, the only option for structurally damaged alloys may be a total replacement.

alloy wheel refurbishment

Call Colors on Parade Today for a Free Estimate on Your Car Wheel Repair

If you hit a curb or a pothole, your wheel damage may not be immediately obvious. Many people don’t realize they need wheel repairs until their vehicle begins vibrating or someone else points out the damage. The bad news is the cost of necessary repairs can be devastating to your wallet and daily schedule, especially if you head over to a traditional body shop. The good news is you have Colors on Parade on your side. 

At Colors on Parade, we proudly save our customers time, money, and stress by coming directly to them. We service all kinds of car owners, whether you’re a rental car agency, a car dealership, a fleet operator, or just your average Joe, let our experienced mobile autobody technicians take care of you. We proudly service customers across North Louisiana, including the following parishes of Caddo, De Soto, Bossier, Lincoln, Webster, Bienville, Ouachita, Claiborne, and more. For more information on the services we offer, call Chris Hall at 318-455-8141 today.